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Visit Visa-Family

Most people living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who are currently without their families, and would like to bring them on a visit visa approach us.

We provide Visa Stamping services for Family Visit Visa.

If you plan to bring your family to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a Visit Visa, then following are the documents required for Visa stamping.

  1. Original Passport valid not less than six months
  2. Visa Copy issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOIA)
  3. Sponsor’s Iqama Copy
  4. Sponsor’s passport copy
  5. Relationship Proof
    • In case of Spouse: Marriage certificate
    • In case of Children: Birth Certificate
    • In case of In-Laws: Spouse’s Passport and Iqama Copy

  6. Polio Certificate in case of child below age of 15 years
  7. Two passport Size photographs having white back ground